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Welcome to Cumming Handmade Knives. I invite you to explore the many varieties of custom knives shown here. My work as a custom knife maker spans nearly 40 years, an evolutionary process resulting from actual experiences while living in many cultures. These reinforce the self confidence necessary to develop and introduce new styles.


For 2015 an entirely new section of Scandinavian knives entitled “The Vikings are Coming” has been introduced. This ancient style of simple working designs emphasize the importance that I attach to the influence of people among whom I’ve lived. I consider myself uniquely blessed to have experienced such exposure, and I am especially thankful for such rare opportunities.


It is my earnest hope that you will find among these examples of the art of knife making the inspiration to design a knife uniquely yours, and to place in me the trust necessary to build one just for you.
Thank you for visiting.

custom knives new mexico

For more information on pricing and design give me a call at 1-505-286-0509. You can also send me a message here on my site through the contact page by clicking here. Send me a message on the contact page.