This large piece is known as a camp knife, and typically is an important tool designed to augment others such as a camp axe or hatchet, a bone saw, and kitchen style knives. Unlike these, however, a camp knife like the one pictured here is intended to eliminate some common tools that often wind up being ignored. Designed to do minor chopping such as cutting saplings, preparing kindling, cutting ropes, split seasoned firewood into smaller pieces. It’s a formidable tool used to butcher large and small game. It takes camp chores seriously right down to cutting string beans, onions, potatoes, and slicing roasts fresh off a grill or spit. The straight-grained Ironwood handle scales are thru-pinned to secure both halves of the handle to the tapered tang, and the stainless steel bolsters add just enough extra weight to enhance balance. A smooth, comfortable grip gives this important tool a lot of credibility that compares favorably to the beauty of its simple design, proving that sometimes big is better!


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