As with all collectibles that I make, each is unique and none are duplicated. Cowboy Bowie II is no exception. The second in this style (the first was stolen by a scoundrel who later sold it for a fraction of its worth), this significantly different version embodies world class Damascus authored by Devin Thomas. Other features include a multi-layered English bridle leather sheath inlaid with American calfskin, authentic Indian Head silver and copper coins from 1937 and 1897 respectively. Ebony and copper accents flank the warm cream color of Hippopotamus tooth ivory (a non-threatened African species), thus combining elements from three continents. This iconic blade, entirely flat ground and deeply etched, was a year in the making, illustrating extreme attention to the most minute detail that combines a variety of rare materials. It follows a theme popularized by post-Civil War era dime novels, themselves an important part of Western Expansion, that popularized one of America’s most nefarious historic figures (James Bowie), who died at the Battle of the Alamo in 1836 defending Texas’ bid for independence from Mexico. like all Bowie knives that I make, each is an example of contemporary knife making concepts rooted deep in history, legend, deceit, lies, and above all, undeniable imagination. These and other facts underpin the mystique surrounding this “netherworld” style that continues to evoke feelings of doom and gloom.