Click on the thumbnail for a larger photograph and a description of each knife. For more information on pricing and design give me a call at 1-505-286-0509. You can also send me a message here on my site through the contact page by clicking here. Send me a message on the contact page.



Offshore fishermen and women who hunt blue water or troll weed lines everywhere will appreciate the 12-inch “Dorado”, a knife of uncommon ability that can also slice a freshly baked ham, a huge roast beef, or that all important turkey. Shorter fishing knives models featuring hygienic handle materials and flat ground blades that are beveled on one side of the steel only can deliver are a delight to use. Why? Because this dynamic blade is fast, follows a backbone smoothly, and requires no sawing action to filet a fish, leaving thicker filets smooth and full. Onshore anglers and surf casters alike will appreciate the same style blade in a shorter version. Call or email for a more comprehensive description about why folks from coast-to-coast have discovered what many who fish the Great lakes for big Muskie and returning salmon in the cold Northwest waters have known for a long time. Flat is better.

Fly fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the lightweight trout filet knife, a delicate instrument also intended to do serious work with great finesse on panfish as well as large and smallmouth Bass. Need the right filet knife for Walleye? No problem. Move up to the 10 or 12 inch “Dorado” to get that flaky white filet in one slice. Double-duty as a boning knife that easily follows the contours of ribs is a lesser known feature of the trout filet knife. Your dog, however, will not appreciate how close to the bone this little knife will cut!

Flexible yet tough, each of these fishing knives is made to exacting standards, the result of thorough testing by men and women who catch fish. Designed to filet thick species such as Grouper, Dolphin (also known as Mahi-Mahi or Dorado), Sheephead and Tuna, and every variety of fresh water species, these working fishing knives function beautifully by pushing the razor-sharp blade, not sawing with it. Fresh-caught Sea Bass, Redfish, Mackeral and Kings, or the day’s fresh water catch, all are rapidly transformed into the focal point of a patio dinner beautifully fileted by any of these functional blades. Oyster lovers will appreciate the wide variety of models featuring spade points and fat, comfortable handles that will make an expert shucker out of the novice in a matter of minutes. (It’s all in the wrist!)

SCUBA divers, please contact me for details about this very special tool. I will be more than glad to help you design a custom-made underwater dive knife to suit the special needs of men, women, and youngsters who enjoy this exceptional sport. Matching His & Hers sets make a great gift idea, sure to be welcome by couples who dive in the Keys, The Wall, in the Caymans or as far as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the crystal waters of The Maldives.

All salt and fresh water knives feature stainless steel blades and hygeinic, dishwasher-safe synthetic handles. A durable synthetic sheath that can be hand-washed is standard. Synthetic sheaths should not be cleaned in a dishwasher because prolonged exposure to high temperatures will distort the material.