Because most of my knives are individually made to a customer’s specifications, the absence of prices on some knives is your invitation to enquire about having one similar – not exactly the same — custom made just for you. My rationale is simple: The customer deserves a unique design that is not mass-produced, the result of my commitment to subordinate myself to the customer’s wishes.


With this in mind, it is important to know that not everyone wants a knife that will spend decades in a display cabinet. Although collectors demand the finest materials and the most unique designs, the majority of knife enthusiasts want moderately priced equipment that is environmentally safe and user-friendly. Presently, most of my working knives average under $300 depending on materials. Rule of thumb: fancy and exotic is expensive.


Regardless where your interests lie, or whatever your needs, rest assured that Cumming Knives will do everything possible to ensure that you get precisely what you want, as soon as it can be delivered, at an affordable price. Please feel free to contact me about pricing information for a special knife made just for you.