Plains Indian Bowie



A contemporary Bowie knife featuring a gorgeous section of Hippopotamus tusk, flanked by Ebony wood on the butt, and a stippled nickel-silver guard, this ensemble is a study in contrasts. The highly stylized Plains Indian sheath is decorated in manner manner befitting a much-admired chief or highly regarded shaman. The modern knife stands in sharp contrast to its sheath which is reminiscent of an age that now rests among pages of history books on Native American culture. A work comprising some 200 or more hours of painstaking handcraft—one part relatively simple, the other elaborate—this pair of complimentary examples of an art form now a part of an immensely interesting people together with the fascinating, ongoing legend that makes the Bowie Knife conspicuously American in every respect and then some.

This one-of-a-kind limited edition will never be duplicated, and is offered to the most discriminating collector of Bowie’s who also shares an equal appreciation of Native American crafts.

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Plains Indian Bowie