This elegant knife evokes great style and function that were embodied in simple, functional designs made popular by the late William Scagel, reclusive figure who is the first of the 20th century’s iconic knife makers. As this piece illustrates, I am an admirer of form and function that combines natural, man-made, and ancient materials and techniques into a contemporary “using” knife of collectable quality. Like all my knives, this Scagel-inspired model is a one-of-a-kind tool designed and executed with the serious outdoors person clearly in mind. Flat ground satin-finished bevels combine with a textured solid copper guard that emphasize the curved Scottish Red Deer beam antler section that rises and and falls to the flame maple burl pommel. This style invites the discerning hunter to explore Scagel’s legacy, and to conjure up unique piece all your own to compliment other equally fine field items that your trip outdoors would be incomplete without. A glass of fine single malt through which a campfire glimmers like no other would no doubt lead to discussion of “Old Bill’s” legendary knives. Offered with a fine English bridle leather pouch sheath in British Tan….or your choice of color as long as it’s British Tan!