Sif, second wife of legendary Norse Thunder God, Thor, also is a mythological figure known as the Earth Goddess, with golden hair that rivaled corn silk. This knife, represents a somewhat feminine study in contrasts, combining all natural handle materials with 416 layer Damascus and bronze, born of fire and minerals. The stag portion of Sif’s handle is Scottish Red Deer (a prominent sub-species of the larger UK variety), known to have been prized by Norsemen who invaded Scotland, Ireland, and later England beginning in the 9th century. The bias placement of the center’s African Ebony accent (flanked by ultra-thin accents), emphasizes the beauty of the Ironwood and stag sections. As the third photo illustrates, the handle itself forms a wedge-shaped profile that lends itself to smaller hands. Weighing 3.2 ounces (100 grams), this is a capable knife which, in equally capable hands, makes no apologies for its size. As with all Cumming Knives creations, a unique, wet-formed leather sheath, is included.

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