In Old Norse, “Assembled from thin pieces of wood”, the six pieces of wood and the oxidized nickel-silver safety loop knob on “Skithblathnir” recalls the “best of ships in Norse mythology”.  The 416 layer Damascus utility blade is paired with three distinct species of rare hardwoods:   Masur Birch from Latvia, rock-hard Guayabillo from Mexico, and dense black Ebony from Africa.  Unique among Scandinavian knives is the safety loop knob over which a thin strap attaches easily.  This simple safety feature has been in use for hundreds of years, and is completely silent both in closing and opening.  No clicks, snaps, or tearing sounds to threaten the silence of the hunt.  Over time, a patina will develop that enhances the appearance and the feel of the natural wood handle. Lightweight, like the famous Viking ships which the name of this knife reminds, it is completely utilitarian that adds new meaning to design with a purpose.