Meet Solvie, which in Danish means “Path of (or to) The Sun”.  In Norse mythology, Solvie was the Goddess of the Sun, and closely related to Thor, Balder, Hermod, and Odin among other gods of the Asgard community of families.  Solvie also is the name of my second granddaughter in whose honor this unique knife is proudly dedicated.  Like the sun, the powerful colors and textures seen in this knife contrast sharply, suggesting similarities to solar explosions and to the ancient Solvie’s sometime fiery, strong-willed character.  Other important elements of this slender companion (that weighs a mere 3.8 ounces, or 110 grams), include highly textured character enhancements, exciting all-natural colors, and the eye-catching random patterns evident in its strong Damascus blade.  A worthy contemporary knife, Solvie is a willing and able partner which, like my granddaughter’s namesake, is not to be taken lightly.