The collection of knives pictured on the following pages represent styles important to serious collectors as well as men and women hunters, fishers and outdoors enthusiasts. These knives are intended to spark your imagination and stimulate your creativity. Thus you need not be guided only by what appears on these pages. After all, the term Custom-Made should include significant input by the person for whom one will be made, so that the term has a genuine ring of truth to it. Therefore, if you don’t see something that meets your needs or falls short of your expectations, please open a dialogue with me. Personally I do enjoy custom Scandinavian and American Style Knives.

Because I rarely use synthetic handle materials or stabilized natural materials such as ivory, bone, or wood, I encourage you to specify synthetics or stabilizing if desired. The most common factor that drives knife prices up are exotic handle materials, engraving, and in particular the use of any type of ivory or imported stag. Damascus steel is expensive to make and to buy. Ever-increasing price fluctuations characterize Damascus steel production despite demand.


I am dedicated to providing the consumer with an affordable handmade product within a reasonable time frame consistent with high quality standards, and I encourage active participation at every phase by each client. I appreciate your confidence in my work and look forward to serving you.


Contact me to order a custom handmade knife of your own.