Like many figures in Norse mythology, Tyr is somewhat the enigma: Not too bright for a god. But as Odin’s second-in-command, Tyr was fearless, abundantly capable, and ever-ready. A subdued combination of muted colors, Tyr’s softly curved Walnut and Ebony handle arcs slightly as if gaining speed, reaching out straight with pointed intentions. Damascus and nickel-silver also appears in the subdued fittings.

Despite appearances suggesting a sinister purpose, Tyr is a draft horse in disguise. Like it’s namesake, Tyr is at home in unfamiliar surroundings whether on the African savannah or on the grand prairies of North America. In camp, Tyr is a dutiful and capable assistant accomplishing setup chores without complaint. Equally at home around a prep table, the camp grille or used as a personal dinner knife leaves no doubt that time to relax and enjoy the good life after sundown is another good reason to make Tyr’s acquaintance.

Turkish walnut 001